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Video Games ive finished!

2008-06-06 08:26:19 by friendly-bear

Since im bored i shall now create a list of Video games ive finished!

Red alert 2
yuris revenge
return to castle wolfenstein
gta san andreas
gta liberty city stories
c & c renegade
halflife 1
halflife 2
duke nukem 1
tekken 5 ( all characters )
emperor battle for dune
spartan total warriors
shadow of the colossus
the warriors
nba ballers
the godfather
scarface the world is yours
evil dead
resident evil 4
all the scenarios of resident evil outbreak
battle realms
battle realms winter of the wolf
call of duty 4
diablo 2
diablo 1
diablo 2 lord of destruction
matrix the path of neo
army men toys in space
army men air attack
c&c generals
c&c generals zero hour
metal slug
metal slug 2
metal slug 3
metal slug 4
metal slug 5
metal slug 3d
pokemon gold version
house of the dead 2
evil night
time crisis 2
alien vs predator 2
destroy all humans 2

i will add more when i can remember some...

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It actually looks like a decent trailer, better than some of the ones ive seen.

Hello Newgrounds!

2007-07-21 02:19:59 by friendly-bear

Hello NEWGROUNDS! This site is so cool! HAHAHAHA!